Newest Young Eagles

First Two Young Eagle Flights of the Year!


We asked our scholarship recipients, Matthew Robinson and Julia Reidhead to be our first Young Eagle flights of the year. Both will be attending EAA’s Advanced Air Academy this July.

If you know of a Heber-Overgaard youth between the ages of 8 and 17 interested in a Young Eagle flight, have their parents fill out a request form on our website by clicking HERE. Our Young Eagle coordinator will contact you to set up the flight.

2018 Scholarship Presented

EAA Chapter 1044 was pleased to present its 2018 Air Academy Scholarship to Julia Reidhead this past Saturday at its monthly Chapter Get-Together. Julia is a junior at Mogollon High School. Both Julia and Matthew Robinson, 2017 recipient and also a junior at Mogollon High School, will be attending EAA’s Air Academy in late July.

EAA Air Academy is a series of week-long camps designed to introduce young people to the aviation world. Campers are engaged through a variety of hands-on activities while staying at the EAA Air Academy Lodge located on Wittman Field in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Experienced aviation instructors help them delve into flight through actual flight instruction in an airplane and helicopter, hands-on building and maintenance procedures, flight simulation, and other exciting activities. Air Academy provides the foundation for a lifelong love of aviation.

This is the third year the Chapter has offered this scholarship. Once again, this scholarship will cover all expenses (tuition, airfare and shuttles to/from camp, lodging and meals) to send deserving youth from the Heber-Overgaard area to the summer aviation camp.

In addition to all the Air Academy activities, attendees will have the opportunity to experience EAA AirVenture, the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration, with over 10,000 airplanes, 1,000 forums and forums, airshows each day, 900 exhibitors, and hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts.

Chapter Logo Gets Makeover

After many years, we decided it was time to do some spring cleaning and freshen up our Chapter 1044 logo. The original logo had been in existence since the chapter’s formation and served us well. The new design incorporates many of the same elements but with a cleaner and more modern look. The new design is also much easier to incorporate into merchandise, print and online media.

We hope you like our NEW look!

Youth Build Project Underway

The Youth Build Project is the second phase of our Youth Education Program.  This program is led by our Chapter Vice President, Curt Randoll.  We are fortunate to have had a plane donated to the chapter.  This plane, a KitFox, needs restoration before it can be flown again.  Local youth will do the repairs under the mentorship of chapter members and some members of the community.  Many of our members have careers in aviation, so participants may be mentored by air traffic controllers, airline and military pilots, mechanics, electrical engineers, FAA employees – the list goes on and on.

You can learn more about the Youth Build Project by clicking here.