Bob Boyd Sends His Thanks to EAA Members

Please thank members of EAA who sent letters to me on my Honor Flight. “Mail Call” on the return Southwest flight was among the many surprises we experienced.  JoAnn did a fantastic job of notifying friends –  and it took a long time read all the notes which I did back home as there were too many to read on the plane with other many distractions, like our WW2 bugler sounding off, snacks and a former police judge leading singing “God Bless America ” including the pre-amble that Kate Smith originally sang!  There were 28 Veterans and 32 guardians and volunteer support personnel on the trip, all from Arizona.  We took all the front seats and all the other passengers going D.C. & back had to sit in the back and join in or ignore us.  I saw 3 memorials I had never seen: FDR Park, Women in the Military, and the Air Force Memorials

Bob Boyd

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