New Tech Counselor

Gary Towner has recently been added to the EAA Safety Program Team. He has been confirmed by Charlie Becker, EAA Homebuilt Community Manager, as an EAA Technical Counselor. Gary is offering his participation to EAA Chapter 1044 members at Mogollon Airpark and other builders on the mountain.

The goal of the EAA Technical Counselor (TC) is to be available to answer questions and to inspect aircraft in the building process while offering suggestions. The TC program is designed as a free service to EAA members for the benefit of all concerned.

Gary brings his experience as a previous and current builder of homebuilt aircraft. He has restored standard aircraft plus worked as an aircraft mechanic in the civilian and military realms. He is a current A&P mechanic with an IA, an FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative, and is a retired FAA Airworthiness Safety Inspector.

Gary flies a Vans RV-4 based at MAP and is building an experimental Super Cub clone.

He can be reached at or by calling 928 587-0953.

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